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With our individual solutions for medical students, residents and specialists, we pick you up where you are right now and take you directly to your goal – a career as a doctor in Germany.

Full support at each step

German for Docs

Don’t sweat it if you’re not fluent in German yet or uncertain about what to expect in Germany. We’ve got your back! We offer bespoke language training, suitable for your pace and proficiency. Plus, our coaching ensures you’re primed for every aspect of your new journey. We aim to shoulder all your concerns, allowing you to solely focus on your linguistic and professional growth.

Get started now with our customized language preparation program, perfect for medical students, residents and specialists from abroad who want to pursue a medical career in Germany.

Our language training is specifically designed to prepare you not only for the medical language exam and German Approbation, but also for your future job as a doctor in Germany. With a combination of private and group lessons, exchange of experiences with medical colleagues and effective self-study modules, we adapt your learning program to your individual needs.

Through constant feedback from the teachers, we ensure that your learning plan is always adapted to your current learning pace.

You can start at any time – even during your medical studies.

Enjoy a scholarship of up to €4,000,

ensuring monetary concerns don’t overshadow your dreams. Our scholarship is designed to support you comprehensively, covering essential expenses like language preparation, the accreditation process, travel costs, and other necessities associated with your transition to Germany. We’re committed to ensuring that monetary constraints don’t hold you back from reaching your full potential.

NO REPAYMENT OBLIGATION. We are paid exclusively by the hospital where you get a job. Therefore, everything is free of charge for you.

Personal consulting & support

With solutions tailored to your individual needs, we make your path plannable and support you every step of the way. A dedicated advisor will accompany you every step of the way – from your first German lesson to your pioneering day in a German clinic and all further steps.

Suitable Job Offers all over Germany

We’ve established ties with clinics all across Germany. Our goal? To anchor you in a setting that recognizes, respects, and refines your global expertise.

Welcome to our #inmedfamily

With us, each day unfolds a new chapter! We cultivate a close-knit atmosphere where everyone’s on a first-name basis, and team spirit is at our core. It’s not just a workplace; it’s a community of young doctors where collaboration, mutual encouragement, and shared insights are the order of the day.

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German for Docs

Start while you are still studying.
Learn with our free content or talk to us and let’s plan your individual preparation together.

Our MedGuide

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The most important language requirements for doctors

You need to have at least B2-level knowledge of German as a general language. However, our experience shows that the B2 level is not sufficient and a C1 level significantly increases your chances.

German Approbation

The unrestricted practice of medicine (including medical residency) in Germany is only possible with a valid license to practice medicine, called Approbation. This applies both to physicians who have completed their medical studies in Germany and to physicians who have completed their studies abroad. The Approbation is of unlimited duration and valid throughout Germany.

Medical Career in Germany

If you are in possession of the German Approbation, you are allowed work anywhere in Germany as a resident doctor or specialist. For doctors from abroad who do not yet have professional experience in Germany, the chances of getting a job are not equally good in every specialty. We have summarized the best chances and the most important information for you and support you in your job search.