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Before we proceed to the next step, it’s important for us to share all relevant information with you. We believe that well-informed decision-making is the foundation of any collaboration.

A few words in advance:

At inmed, we don’t see ourselves just as an recruiting agency. We see ourself as your partner, advisor and a friend in this process and after it. We know how important this lifedecision to move and continue your career in Germany is for you. And we are here to  make this path as easy as possible and make sure, that you have the best integration possible.

On the other side we have the clinics, who we want to provide good doctors to. This is very important for us as well, this is why we also expect you to always give your best in the process like we do. We believe, that with the right approach this is a win win situation for everyone in order to achieve our mutul goal – finding the right clinic for the start of your medical career in Germany.

We are excited to provide you with a detailed overview of the journey you will embark on with inmed. Let us walk you through exactly how the process will unfold, step by step, to ensure a clear and comprehensive understanding of what to expect as we move forward together.

Step One: Crafting a Strategic Plan
Step Two: Organizing Your Language Preparation
Step Three: The Recognition Process
Step Four: Job Searching
Step Five: Relocation Assistance
The inmed Scholarship
Additional Benefit: Joining the inmed Family
Eligibility and Strategic Beginnings in Germany
The Duration of the Process
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Step One: Crafting a Strategic Plan

At inmed, we believe that a well-crafted plan is the cornerstone of a successful journey. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, we focus on developing three key plans tailored to your unique needs:

1. Learning Analysis: Every journey begins with understanding. We conduct a personalized learning analysis to identify your unique learning style. This insight allows us to offer tailored advice on how to learn German more effectively. Based on this analysis, we select the most suitable language preparation path for you, ensuring you have the tools and strategies needed to succeed.

2. Time Plan: Knowing the timeline is crucial. We develop a comprehensive time plan, outlining all the critical steps in your journey. This proactive approach keeps you informed and prepared, setting clear expectations for each phase of the process. While some elements may be beyond our control, we constantly monitor and adapt your plan to respond to any unforeseen circumstances. This way, we can keep you updated in real-time and make necessary adjustments to stay on track.

3. Financial Plan: Financial clarity is essential. We assist you in planning your finances, detailing what the inmed scholarship covers and highlighting any additional costs you might encounter. This financial roadmap provides a clear picture of your journey’s fiscal aspects, helping you manage your resources effectively and with confidence.

These tailored plans form the foundation of our collaboration, ensuring that every aspect of your transition is thoughtfully considered and meticulously organized for a successful start to your medical career in Germany.

Step Two: Organizing Your Language Preparation

As we continue our journey together, the second step involves meticulously organizing your language preparation, an essential aspect for your successful integration in Germany. Here’s how we tailor this step to your needs:

1. Diverse Learning Formats: Our language preparation is comprehensive, encompassing group classes, private lessons, and self-learning modules. These modules include video courses, scripts, and medical cases, ensuring a well-rounded approach to learning.

2. Customized Combination for You: We understand that each individual has unique learning needs. Therefore, we determine the best combination of these formats specifically for you, ensuring an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

3. Online Flexibility: All our preparation modules are online, allowing you the convenience of participating from anywhere. This flexibility ensures that your language learning can fit seamlessly into your existing schedule and responsibilities.

4. Regular Feedback from the Teachers: Our teachers, who are well-aware of your end goal, provide us with continuous feedback. This feedback is crucial in helping us adhere to the planned timeline and in making any necessary adjustments to your learning plan.

5. Strict Yet Personalized Timeline: While we follow a strict timeline to prevent any unnecessary delays in your progress, our approach remains highly personalized. We emphasize that you should not feel rushed through the process. It’s important to take the time you need to fully grasp the language, as this varies significantly from person to person.

By offering a blend of structured and flexible learning options, and continuously adapting them to your progress, we ensure that your language preparation is not only effective but also tailored to your individual pace and learning style. This approach lays a strong foundation for your communication skills, crucial for your future in the German medical field.

Step Three: The Recognition Process

The third step in your journey with inmed involves navigating the complex recognition process of your medical diploma in Germany (the German Approbation). Each of the 16 federal states has its unique set of requirements, and here’s how we assist you in this crucial phase:

1. Guidance in Selecting the Right Federal State: Choosing the appropriate federal state for the recognition of your diploma is a pivotal decision. We provide expert advice to help you select the federal state that best aligns with your qualifications and preferences. This state will also be where you take your medical German exam, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be the state where you eventually work after the recognition.

2. Document Management: Our team takes charge of handling all the documents required for this process. We will guide you in gathering the necessary documents from your home country, clearly specifying what you need to obtain.

3. Translation and Legalization: Once you have collected all the required documents, you simply hand them over to us. We take care of translating and legalizing these documents to meet the standards required by German authorities.

4. Submission and Communication with Authorities: We manage the submission of your documents to the German authorities, ensuring they are presented correctly and in a timely manner.

5. Ongoing Coordination: Throughout this process, we handle all communication with the authorities on your behalf. Our team stays on top of any updates or additional requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient progression towards the recognition of your medical credentials.

By taking the lead in the recognition process, we aim to alleviate the administrative burden on you, allowing you to focus on your language preparation and professional development. Our expertise and careful handling of this process are key in paving the way for your successful medical career in Germany.

Step Four: Job Searching Process

As we progress to the fourth step in your journey with inmed, the focus shifts to finding you the ideal job position in one of our partner clinics across Germany. Here’s how we streamline this crucial phase:

1. Criteria Setting: Together, we establish specific criteria regarding your preferred medical field and desired region. This personalized approach ensures that we target opportunities that align with your professional aspirations and lifestyle preferences.

2. Evaluating Your Prospects: We provide you with an honest assessment of your chances in the German medical job market. Our experience allows us to give you realistic expectations and advice on how to enhance your prospects.

3. Document Preparation: We assist in preparing your application documents, ensuring they are not only attractive to potential employers but also adhere to German standards. Our goal is to present your qualifications and experience in the best possible light.

4. Interview Preparation and Training: To increase your chances of success, we offer comprehensive training and guidance for the interview process. This preparation includes mock interviews and tips on how to effectively present yourself to potential employers.

5. Securing Interview Invitations: We leverage our network to secure you interview invitations from different clinics in Germany. This variety gives you a broad perspective of the opportunities available and increases your chances of finding the right fit.

6. Organizing Travel and Hospitation: For up to three interviews in different clinics, we organize your travel to Germany and arrange a day of hospitation (practical observation) at the clinic. This experience allows you to meet potential colleagues, understand the working environment, and get a real feel for the clinic.

7. Finalizing the Match: Once we find a clinic that is mutually interested, we assist in finalizing the employment agreement. We ensure that all your needs and expectations are met, and that the transition to your new role is smooth and well-coordinated.

8. Support with Start Arrangements: Our support continues as we help organize everything related to your start at the clinic, ensuring a seamless transition into your new role.

Through this comprehensive and tailored job search process, we aim to connect you with a clinic that not only values your skills but also offers a fulfilling professional environment, setting the stage for a successful and rewarding medical career in Germany.

Step Five: Relocation Assistance

The final step in your journey with inmed focuses on ensuring a smooth and stress-free relocation to Germany. We extend our support beyond job placement, assisting you with all the practical aspects of settling into your new life. Here’s how we help:

1. Finding Accommodation: We assist in finding suitable accommodation in Germany, taking into account your preferences, budget, and proximity to your new workplace. Whether it’s temporary housing or a permanent residence, we guide you through the process.

2. Bank Account Setup: Setting up a bank account in a new country can be daunting. We guide you through this process, helping you understand the different banking options and ensuring you make an informed decision that suits your financial needs.

3. Insurance Contracts: We provide assistance with navigating Germany’s insurance system, helping you secure the necessary health and other types of insurance. This ensures you’re fully covered from day one.

4. Handling Registrations: From city registration to getting your tax identification number, we handle the bureaucratic aspects of your relocation. We ensure that all your registrations are completed correctly and promptly.

5. Comprehensive Relocation Support: We guide you through each step of the relocation process, addressing any concerns and questions you may have. Our aim is to make your transition to living and working in Germany as seamless as possible.

This comprehensive relocation assistance is designed to make your move to Germany a positive and exciting experience, laying the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life and career in your new home.


The inmed Scholarship

At inmed, we are committed to supporting your journey to Germany with our comprehensive scholarship program. This program is designed to cover a range of costs associated with your relocation and integration. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the services and the corresponding amounts covered by the inmed scholarship:

1. General German Preparation: Up to €500

2. General German Exam Fee: Approximately €160

3. Translation and Legalization of Documents: Approximately €200

4. Sending Documents to Germany: Approximately €100

5. Medical German Language Training: Approximately €700, which includes:

Learning materials (scripts, books, medical, cases, videos)

Individual simulations with a private teacher (6-8 simulations)

6. Travel and Accommodation for Medical German Language Exam in Germany: Approximately €600

7. Medical German Language Exam Fee (1st Attempt): Approximately €450

8. State Fee for Issuing an Approbation: Approximately €300

9. Travel and Accommodation for Interviews in Germany: Approximately €1,000

Additionally, upon successful placement, the following services are provided free of charge:

1. Unlimited Participation in a Weekly Group Repetitorium and Study Materials: Worth €500

2. Assistance in Obtaining Approbation: Worth €1,000

3. Assistance in Preparing Documents for Job Applications and Interview Appearance: Worth €500

4. Relocation and Start-up Assistance in Germany: Worth €500

The scholarship and these services are initially covered by inmed, under the condition that you secure a job through our placement services, maintain cost-free status, and successfully pass the probationary period of the first 6 months of employment as a resident with Approbation in the job obtained through our placement.

The inmed scholarship program is made possible through the funding we receive from clinics for our recruitment services. It’s important to note that this funding is entirely separate from the doctors’ salaries. There are no deductions from your salary as a result of our scholarship program or the recruitment process. This arrangement ensures that your earnings remain unaffected, and the financial support you receive through the scholarship is an added benefit to help you transition smoothly into your new role in Germany.

This comprehensive scholarship program is designed to alleviate the financial burden of your transition, ensuring you can focus on your professional and personal growth as you embark on your new journey in Germany.


Additional Benefit: Joining the inmed Family

An invaluable additional benefit of partnering with inmed is the opportunity to become part of the inmed family. This vibrant community offers more than just professional networking; it provides a supportive and collaborative environment. Here’s what being a part of the inmed family entails:

1. Networking with Peers: We connect you with other inmed family members, including doctors who have either completed or are currently navigating the same journey. This network fosters a sense of community and mutual support.

2. Knowledge and Experience Exchange: The inmed family is a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences, creating a rich resource for learning and growth. This collaborative environment enhances your journey through shared insights and advice.

3. Support from Fellow Doctors: Within this community, you’ll find colleagues who are always ready to offer support. This peer support is invaluable, providing you with a network of professionals who understand your journey and can offer practical advice and encouragement.

4. Community Events and Gatherings: We organize various events and gatherings, fostering a sense of belonging and providing opportunities for members to connect and build lasting relationships.

5. Continuous Engagement: Our commitment to you as a member of the inmed family is ongoing. We ensure that you continue to feel supported and connected, not just during your initial transition but throughout your entire professional journey in Germany.

6. Lifetime Partnership: Our relationship with you doesn’t end once you’ve settled in. inmed remains your partner for life. Even after our contractual relationship concludes, we are always available for advice, support, or assistance with any matter, big or small.

Joining the inmed family adds a unique dimension to your experience, enveloping you in a supportive network of professionals and peers, and enhancing your journey both professionally and personally.

The Duration of the Process: Timeline Expectations

The journey with inmed involves several stages, and the duration of each stage can vary based on individual circumstances and external factors. Here’s a general timeline to give you an idea of what to expect:

1. Learning General German: The time it takes to learn German varies significantly from person to person. However, we generally allocate 3-4 months for each language level. Your progress depends on your starting level, learning style, and the time you can dedicate to language study.

2. Recognition Process and Job Searching: Once you have achieved the C1 level in German, the subsequent steps — including the recognition process, job searching, and all preparations until you start your job in Germany — typically take approximately 5-8 months.

It’s important to note that this timeline is highly individual and subject to several factors, including:

– Federal State Requirements: Different German federal states have varying requirements and processes, which can affect the timeline.

– Personal Time Plan: Your personal circumstances and availability can influence the duration of the process. For instance, the time you can dedicate to language learning and document preparation plays a significant role.

– Market Dynamics: The job market and opportunities available at the time of your search also impact the duration.

We emphasize that these are estimated timelines and can vary. Our team at inmed works diligently to ensure that each step of your journey is as efficient and smooth as possible, adapting to your specific needs and circumstances. We are committed to supporting you throughout this process, providing guidance and resources to help you achieve your goals in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common questions and answers to clarify important aspects of our collaboration:

1. In which cases might I need to repay costs?

If everything progresses as planned and you start working at one of our partner clinics, staying there for more than 6 months, you will not have to repay any part of the scholarship or our services. Repayment is only necessary if you decide against a placement through our services, or if you do not complete the 6-month probationary period at the clinic and choose not to be placed again by us. It is essential to understand from the start that our ultimate goal is your successful placement. We assure you that, following your successful completion of the FSP (Fachsprachprüfung), we are committed to providing suitable job opportunities. Our aim is to ensure a seamless integration into your new role, free from the worry of repaying the scholarship or service fees.

2. What happens if I do not pass the C1 exam?

We encourage you to continue improving your language skills and retake the C1 exam. The cost for a second attempt will be your responsibility or, if necessary, covered by a loan from us, which you will repay later.

3. What if I do not pass the FSP (medical language exam)?

The FSP can be repeated multiple times. However, there is a waiting period of at least 3 months for a new exam date, and the exam fee must be paid again. Costs for the second attempt, travel, and any additional preparation, if needed, are either your responsibility or covered by a loan from us, repayable later.

4. How long am I contractually bound to inmed?

You are bound until the end of your probationary period. However, we are glad to remain your contact and are available for any queries even after this period.

5. Do I have to stay at the same hospital if I’m not satisfied?

No, if you are not satisfied with the placement, contact us anytime. We will collaboratively find a solution and, if necessary, seek another position for you.

6. Can I apply for jobs independently while working with inmed?

No, our cooperation is based on mutual trust. We invest significantly in your development and support, and in return, we trust you to honor our agreement by not applying for or accepting other job offers.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them in a videocall.😊

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Navigating the medical language examination and integrating into the German healthcare system can be challenging. Furthermore, a majority of German clinics necessitate doctors to have attained a C1 level in General German, in addition to demonstrating proficiency in medical German. Given these expectations, we strongly advise aspiring medical professionals to attain and validate a C1 proficiency in the general language. Completing a recognized C1 certificate examination, such as those offered by Goethe or telc, is crucial before embarking on medical language preparation and subsequent exams.

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